Pocket Combi Bug Detector

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pocket combi bug detector

A bug detector is essentially a receiver that is able to pick up electromagnetic signals broadcasted from any electronic device. Rather than converting these intercepted radio broadcasts into data or audio, the bug detector simply emits an alarm whenever it receives a strong frequency. By moving a bug detector around a room you can locate hidden surveillance devices. Most radio frequency bugs are easily found as the signals they transmit are obvious and can be spotted by a basic device tuned to the right frequency range.

Just make sure all genuine electronic products are switched off before checking so you only detect hidden bugs. The two main types of spying technology used against people being spied on are video and/or audio. Hidden cameras can be trickier if they are not transmitting but just recording, to reliably detect these you need a laser or infra red light to sweep the room looking for the reflection from the hidden camera lens.

If you suspect that you be the victim on electronic eavesdropping in your home or office, then protecting yourself with counter surveillance equipment may be an option. The Pocket Combi Bug Detector is a combination RF bug detector and hidden camera finder, it can detect RF bugs in the 20MHz - 6GHz frequency range and is a pocket sized device which is very easy to use with a colour bar-graph display shows the presence of any wired or wireless bugging devices.

To sweep for bugs simply switch Pocket Combi Bug Detector on then and slowly walk around the room holding the device, the LED bar-graph display will show any fluctuations in radio frequencies and when it detects a transmission will vibrate allowing you to detect the direction of any potential bugging devices. In addition, the Pocket Combi Bug Detector also has a separate integrated camera finder, which can locate hidden cameras in any room by reflecting light from the pinhole spy camera using a reflective infra-red lens.

The Pocket Combi Bug Detector is a little gem of a product which can be used to quickly sweep a room for specific transmitters including GSM listening audio devices, FM and UHF/VHF bugs, Wi-Fi cameras and other surveillance devices which can invade your privacy. It's small enough to carry around with you always so you can scan any room or vehicle prior to sensitive meetings or conversations. The Combi Bug Detector offers the ability to locate all kinds of transmitting bugging devices, plus wired & wireless spy cameras which cannot even be detected by the human eye.