Max360 Escort Passport 9500ix Radar Detector

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max360 escort radar detector

The Escort Max 360 has both front and rear antennas which can scan rapidly with almost 360 degree protection. Then the power of the Digital Signal Processing can be sued to detect threats faster and with more precision than many other detectors on sale in the UK. The Escort Max 360 has five levels of filtering combined with three driving modes plus speed-based sensitivity, all of which offer peace of mind on any drive. Cruise Alert and connectivity via Bluetooth using the free app also allows users to harness the power of the community, finding mobile radar and laser threats and loading them onto the database with thousands of speed camera locations added every day.

Locating and identifying threats is easy with the Escort Max 360 Passport 9500ix. Directional arrows simply and accurately display the location of detected threats and the high-resolution display graphically shows the type, strength and quantity of signals along with speed limit data. This is the latest in the award-winning Max detector line, providing users with extreme range detection and pinpoint precision.

Unmatched detection capabilities are available as the Max360 Escort Passport 9500ix connects seamlessly via Bluetooth to provide additional protection against mobile laser traps and speed camera locations reported by other drivers in your area. This makes locating and identifying threats child's play, especially with the very good range and fast reaction times, noticeably faster than many competing detectors, though not quite the best performing radar detector on the market, but it's definitely up there with the best!

The false alert filtering is often the sign of a quality radar/laser detector and the Max360 Escort Passport 9500ix has this covered with GPS lockouts which will learn where many false alerts are located and lock them out so the false alerts reduce over time. Some other detectors can also do this, but they usually require more input from the user, or need to be tied to a mobile phone so they're not as integrated like the Max detectors. Another neat touch is the ability to quiet alerts when you're travelling at really slow speeds, for example if you are stuck in heavy traffic moving along at 5mph, you don't have to listen to alerts going off all the time in 20 mph or 30 mph zones.

This is a big detector, perhaps the biggest windscreen mount radar detector on the market. But the size can be forgiven as the performance is well above average, one of the best detectors available and highly recommended.