Lutron 822 Digital EMF Meter

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lutron 822 emf meter

The Lutron 822 EMF Meter couldn't be easier to use, just turn it on and start getting accurate readings in both mG and microTesla. This meter is perfect for high resolution measurement of AC magnetic fields as the large LCD display reads between 0.1 and 199.9 mG from 30Hz to 400 Hz. This is a single axis meter which samples the magnetic field every 0.4 seconds when switched on and is powered by a single 9V battery. Like all single axis meters, you need to rotate this meter in use to find the proper orientation of the magnetic field being measured.

The effect of electromagnetic radiation on the human body is a bit of a grey area, but since 1979 there has been research published which suggests a link between exposure to power-line frequency magnetic fields and childhood leukaemia, so more and more people are becoming concerned about the levels of power frequency electromagnetic fields we are exposed to. Meters such as the Lutron 822 allow you to measure the strength of the magnetic fields in your own home to check they are safe. The Lutron 822 is capable of detecting magnetic fields up to 19.99µT and electric fields up to 1999V/m, providing accurate digital measurement over a wide frequency range of 10Hz to 2000Hz.

This meter detects and measures fields from power-lines, household wiring and electrical appliances such as computers, televisions, washing machines, hair-dryers and vacuum cleaners. Most people want the magnetic fields in their homes to be as low as possible, but as a general rule of thumb, fields below 0.10µT are considered "safe". If higher strength fields are detected in your living space you should take measures to find the cause of these magnetic fields then try and reduce your exposure if possible.

The Lutron 822 is a rugged and compact Magnetic Field Meter which provides accurate readings which are easy to understand via the large digital display. There is also an audio alert if a particular area exceeds recommended field levels. Measuring AC magnetic fields in particular is a breeze thanks to the simple 1 button operation. It's accurate too, calibrated to within 4% +/-3 digits at mains voltage frequency (50/60 Hz). Weighing in at just 159g, the Lutron 822 is easily portable and with dimensions of 14cm x 11cm x 6cm it's also easily packed when travelling. Available for around £60, this is a great buy.