First Alert BRK 7010B Hardwire Smoke Alarm

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first alert smoke alarm

The First Alert BRK 7010B hardwire photoelectric smoke alarm is designed to be hard-wired into mains power but has a battery backup with a 10 year life. This alarm can be inter-linked with up to 18 compatible devices to be used commercially in hospitals, hotels and care homes, or on a smaller scale in private flats and houses. This smoke alarm features a photoelectric smoke sensor, which is particularly effective at detecting fires at the early slow smouldering stage and the 85dB audible alarm is extremely loud.

The alarm also features a single test/silence button to test the unit's functionality, plus a latching alarm indicator to identify which unit initiated the alarm if alarms are installed in large building. There is also an optional anti-tamper device to prevent tampering or removal of the battery. This smoke alarm is an excellent choice for installation in or near areas which are prone to steam (such as kitchens, directly outside bathrooms and utility rooms) as steam will not trigger the alarm.

The BRK 7010B is a combination alarm which means it does not just detect smoke, it also detects carbon monoxide, the silent killer. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that can be emitted by gas or oil furnaces, fireplaces, wood stoves, charcoal grills and space heaters. Working equally well in both residential and institutional applications, this alarm is backed by 10-year limited warranty.

Time and time again it has been shown that smoke alarms with photoelectric sensors like this BRK 7010B significantly outperform the more conventional ionization alarms in the fires most likely to kill you and your family, plus you get less false alarms too! Ionisation smoke alarms are the cheapest and are very sensitive to small particles of smoke that are produced by fast flaming fires, such as paper and wood fires, so work great in demonstrations. However, they are not as sensitive to slow burning and smouldering fires which give off larger quantities of smoke before flaming occurs. Unfortunately these types of smouldering fires kill people every day. In addition, ionisation smoke alarms are usually over-sensitive when placed near kitchens.

Photoelectric smoke alarms like the First Alert BRK 7010B are more expensive, but much more effective at detecting the larger particles of smoke produced by slow-burning fires, such as smouldering upholstery and overheated wiring. They also can be installed near kitchens, as they are much less likely than ionisation alarms to go off when you burn the toast.