Amprobe GSD600 Gas Leak Detector

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amprobe gsd600 gas leak detector

The Amprobe GSD600 Gas Leak Detector is a detector for methane and propane gas leaks. The GSD600 meter emits a loud tone when flammable gas is detected with the frequency of the tone changing with the detected gas concentration. At the same time the gas levels are clearly shown via the LED display. The Amprobe GSD600 Gas Leak Detector is portable and can be easily used to pinpoint gas leaks in any closed piping system.

The GSD 600 also has a mute function and a standard earphone jack for use in quiet work areas so as not to disturb staff. The semiconductor sensor can detect methane and propane gas even in small quantities and the flexible stainless steel probe can be used to access to hard to reach areas. The unit also automatically calibrates itself on start-up for greater accuracy, which takes around 60 seconds an must be done in clean air.

It is a simple and intuitive device to use, just press the on/off button and hold for two seconds to switch on, then wait for 60 seconds while the detector calibrates itself. Then the detector is ready for use, it's that simple! There is also an auto-power off function to preserve battery life - if no buttons are pressed for 10 minutes, the detector will turn off. To detect leaks simply approach the gas pipe slowly with the sensor pointing to the pipe and repeat the procedure from the other side of the pipe.

When the sensor detects a leak, the LED will light and the frequency of the beep will increase. Please note that after a leak is detected, it takes around 2 minutes for the detector to recalibrate before it is ready for use again.

A great device for those looking to easily check gas pipework for leaks, perfect for engineers to use after an installation or service, especially in large office areas when the detector can be muted and either earphones of LED indicators can be used. This detector is a dedicated methane and propane detector, so will not be set off by refrigerant, halon, paint thinner fumes or any other non-flammable fumes. It is pretty expensive, but with this sort of equipment you do get what you pay for and safety is much more important than saving a few pennies in any case! Highly recommended and definitely worth the price!